If you would like to join the choir,  please complete the on-line application form (click here) and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

New members will be welcome to join us from January 2019. 

We are particularly looking for  Tenors and Bases.  

We rehearse at the  Rondebosch Union Church Hall, behind the Church in Belmont Road, at 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings. rehearsals are 2 hours in duration.

You can try us for a few weeks, then we ask you to take an audition. If accepted, you are IN, and then there are five simple rules:

  1. Be on time for as many rehearsals as possible
  2. Don’t talk during rehearsals
  3. Learn the music (we provide training music so you can listen and sing along at home)
  4. Tell your friends to come and listen to us sing – sell tickets to our concerts
  5. Have fun!

It is not essential to be able to read music – Pavarotti never did! – although it helps. Importantly, you need a pleasing voice, a sense of rhythm, and the ability to remember the tune of your part.

We also ask that you contribute R850/annum  in Choir fees.